So you have a QR Code reader on your phone. And you can use it. Impressed.

Why a QR Code? because at the time of brewing the beer, I had no idea what the beer was going to taste like (having never brewed with this new hop), or what the name of the new hops were going to be. Therefore it is pretty hard to write about a beer on a label that has never been tried before.


This is the first time ever these newly named Waimea hops have been used in a commercial beer. So new in fact at the time we brewed the beer they hadn't even been named. Hence the trial hop code number on the label 04.39.53

This is also the first time that Epic Brewing Company have brewed a NZIPA style beer (using NZ grown malt from Gladfield Malt, and the NZ grown Waimea hops)

"This is what New Zealand tastes like"

Since this is a first for the hop, and Epic brewing a NZIPA, I'd love to get some feedback. 

If you could check into the beer on Untapped and rate, comment, and photograph if you like, and tweet what you think of it, it will not only help me, but also be great feedback for the hop grower who has committed to growing this new hop variety for the world.



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